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Wear Baby Monitor

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Wear Baby Monitor is a brand-new app that allows parents to keep a watchful eye on their child no matter where they are.To use Baby Monitor, just install the app on your Android device. The app also installs automatically on the connected to the device Android Wear watch.
EASY-TO-USE:- Activate the Baby Monitor on your phone or tablet and leave it near the baby bed- If your baby wake up, you will get a notification on your watch
FEATURES:- Supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections- Auto silent mode- Vibrate watch notification- Alert, in case the devices connection is lost
The Wear Baby Monitor is the easy-to-use nanny for watch out for your child when he sleeps.
The Wear Baby Monitor has been tested on Moto® 360, LG® G Watch R, ASUS® ZenWatch, Sony® SmartWatch and other. Any problems? Please email me and I'll try my best to fix any issues you have!